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Getting Started

Maps SDK for iOS

In this guide you will learn how to create your free Magic Lane account and your first project, and how to get your API Key.

Create your account

Go to the Magic Lane registration/sign up page to create a free account.
You only need to type in your email address, and create a new password.GEM Maps API Sign up
Optionally, you can also enter your name and company.
Click the Get started button after reviewing the terms of service and privacy policy. You will get a confirmation email with a link to activate your account. After you activate your account by clicking on the link you received, you can sign in!
GEM Maps API Sign in Go to the Magic Lane login page to sign in to your new account.
Type your complete email address, which you used to create the account, and the password you created when you signed up in the previous step.

Create a project

GEM Maps API dashboard Once logged in, you are on your Dashboard page.
Click the My Projects link at the top.GEM Maps API my projects
On the My Projects page, click the Create new project with API Key button.
GEM Maps API create new project
A dialog appears, where you can type a name for the new project, and a short description.
When done, click Create project.

Create an API key

GEM Maps API generate api key
The project is created with an API key with a short expiration date.
Click Generate additional API Key to create another key for your project, where you can set an expiration date further into the future.
GEM Maps API set api key expiration
You can give the new API key a different name, and set any expiration date you want.
Click Generate to generate the API key.
GEM Maps API project created
You just created your first project and MagicLane API Key!
You can click on the copy button to the right of the API Key to copy it, and then paste it in your code.