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Setup Maps SDK for Qt

In this guide you will learn how to setup Maps SDK for QML.

Installing Maps SDK for Qt

First, get an API key token, see the Getting Started guide.

Qt should be installed to continue.

Start the Qt Maintenance Tool, then click the Settings button in the lower left corner of the dialog.

Qt install maintenance tool

In the Repositories tab,

Qt install maintenance tool

select User defined repositories, click the Add button, then enter one of the following three links, for Linux, MacOS or Windows, respectively:

in the empty field under the Repository heading, leaving the Username and Password fields blank.

This is the platform on which your Qt Maintenance Tool is running.

Click OK and then click Next to continue the installation.

Qt install maintenance tool

Expand KDAB, GeneralMagic, and Qt versions.

Choose one or more platforms on which you would like to use the GeneralMagic QML plugin and finish the installation.