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Map Perspective

Control the map perspective.

Map Perspective

Use case

Change the map perspective to a more suitable perspective.

How to use the sample

First, get an API key token, see the Getting Started guide.

Download the Maps & Navigation SDK for C++ archive file for Linux or Windows

When you open the sample, you’ll be viewing the scene from above in 2D. The map view perspective will then switch to 3D.

How it works

  1. Create an instance of Environment and set your API key token:

1Environment& env = Environment::GetInstance();
4// Project API token available at:
7std::string projectApiToken = ""; //YOUR_TOKEN
  1. The SDK is initialized with your API key token string and the log file path, where to write the application logs. Note that logFilePath is not initialized by default, which means that no logs are written. The logFilePath is initialized with the first command line argument, if any.

1std::string logFilePath;
2if ( argc > 1 )
3   logFilePath = std::string(argv[1]);
5env.InitSDK( projectApiToken, logFilePath.c_str() );
  1. Create a MapViewListener, OpenGLContext and MapView.

2    MapViewListenerImpl listener;
3    auto oglContext = env.ProduceOpenGLContext("mapPerspective");
4    gem::StrongPointer<gem::MapView> mapView = gem::MapView::produce(oglContext, &listener);
  1. In 2D mode, the view is looking vertically straight down toward the map. In 3D mode, the view is looking toward the map at an angle about the horizontal screen axis, such that the horizon may appear in the view. Instruct the MapView to change its perspective to 3D, using a 2 second (2000 millisecond) animation. Wait for the map to load up to 15 seconds, then wait until the user closes the map window.

1    mapView->preferences().setMapViewPerspective(gem::MVP_3D, gem::Animation(gem::AnimationLinear, gem::ProgressListener(), 2000));
2    auto ret = WAIT_UNTIL(std::bind(&MapViewListenerImpl::IsFinished, &listener), 15000);

C++ Examples

Maps SDK for C++ Examples can be downloaded or cloned with Git