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Create a Map Style

In this guide you will learn how to create a custom map style which you can use with any Magic Lane Maps API.

Map Studio Steps

GEM Maps API create style Login to your Magic Lane account.

See the Getting Started guide.

Click the Studio link at the top to start the online Magic Lane Map Studio.

In the Styles tab, click New Style to create a custom map style.

GEM Maps API select template

Select a style template. For this example, click the Basic template.

Select the Base variation below, then click Create new style.

GEM Maps API choose colors for water

To change the color of the water, seas and oceans:

click Background, the last option at the bottom, click the 6-digit red-green-blue 24 bit hexadecimal code (2 hex digits for red, 2 for green, 2 for blue, representing 3 bytes) under Inner Color: and replace it with #60cbea then click outside the text field, in the white area of the page, to set it;

Click the arrow to the left of Areas, located just above Background, to open the drop down list with areas which you can color on the map.

click Water Sea, and set its Inner Color also to #60cbea

click Water, and set its Inner Color also to #60cbea

GEM Maps API choose colors for land

To change the color of the land:

click Land, and set its Inner Color to #fbedc1

GEM Maps API rename style

Click the style name, Basic, in this case, in the upper left corner, and type a new name, My Custom Style in this example, to rename your new style.

GEM Maps API style settings button

Click the Settings button in the upper right corner.

GEM Maps API style save dialog

The style settings dialog appears. You can add some tags and then click Save.

GEM Maps API style back button

Click the back arrow in the upper left of the style window to return to your list of styles.

GEM Maps API new style created

Your new style is now in the list!

Download a custom style

GEM Maps API download style
Click the 3 vertical dots to the right of your style and select Download Style from the popup menu to download your style to disk.
Save the new map style as
Once your style is downloaded, you can now use it in your code!