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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[] - 2023-06-14


  • Introduce Ridesharing API

  • SenseDataSource: add methods to produce position, acceleration, rotation and camera data

  • Add GetDefaultTTSLanguage method to ISoundPlaying interface

  • ADAS: add recordCameraFrames parameter in create sensor logger

  • SenseDataSource: produce external datasource based on data types list

  • VRP: create a departure object with the depot fields

  • MapViewPreferences: Added animation to SetFollowPositionViewAngle, SetViewAngle works also with animation

  • ADAS: add PerformanceStats class

  • LandmarkStore: add categoryId parameter to importLandmarks

  • VRP: add “unoptimized” option for optimizations

  • Images: add posibility to import icons from external database

  • SenseDataSource: add loop mode option for playback

  • MapView: add isDefaultFollowingPosition method

  • VRP: add tripId for RouteOrder

  • CallLogger: add IApiCallLogger::onGetLogPah / ::onGetLogBuffer

  • MapView: add getScale method

  • RoutingPreferences: add setTrackMatchDistance method

  • MapDetails: add method to get the language codes for the specified WGS


  • VRP: move the constraints max weight, max cube, biker weight and bike power from Vehicle Constraints to Vehicle

  • SenseDataSource: extend ERoadModifier enum with following values: Motorway and MotorwayLink

  • RoutingPreferences: extend emergency vehicle profile with extra freedom levels

  • VRP: replaced vehicle id field with vehicle object in Vehicle Constraints and renamed minWeight in bikerWeight

  • MapViewListener: unified onPinch and onRotate

  • VRP: moved fuel price from vehicle to Vehicle Constraints

  • ContentStoreItem: rename CIS_DownloadWaiting to CIS_DownloadWaitingNetwork in content store item state

  • VRP: replaced isOperational with status; added last position; added delete methods with object id

  • VRP: each vehicle constraints must contains one Vehicle

  • VRP: used vehicle last position in reoptimize route + sent only the vehicle id, not the entire vehicle object for vehicle constraints

  • RoutingPreferences: change setTrackMatchDistance to setAccurateTrackMatch


  • Remove deprecated parameter allowChargedNetworks in ContentUpdater

  • SenseDataSource: removed duplicate pixel format param from ExternalCameraData produce

[] - 2023-03-21


  • Extend EGenericCategoriesIDs enum with the following values: Hydrants, EmergencyServicesSupport and CivilEmergencyInfrastructure

  • ADAS: defined sensor data logger

  • ADAS: added TuningParameters

  • SenseDataSource: added pushData

  • ContentUpdate: added content to group type. Declare deprecated content allowChargedNetworks flags

  • SenseDataSource: added a new position parameter which controls whether to snap the arrow to the route instead of the most probable link

  • RoutingPreferences: added getStrictTrackFollow / setStrictTrackFollow

  • VRP: deleted set methods for Departure details

  • SenseDataSource: extend EFixQuality enum with Inertial value

  • MapCamera: added tracking object properties

  • MapView: added stopSwipe functionality

  • MapView: added getters for heading and pitch angle

  • ADAS: set confidence/error for CH, VH, VP

  • VRP: added depot object; link order to depot

  • MapCamera: allow MapSceneObject::saveState / restoreState to save / restore a specific tracker

  • SenseDataSource: added IImprovedPosition::getRoadInfo() and getRoadInfoImage()


  • Rename GEM_RoadSafetyAlerts.h renamed to GEM_MagicADAS.h

[] - 2023-02-20


  • Routing: by definition eBike profile initializes with pedelec

  • ADAS: added ADASEnabled

  • ADAS: added calibration alert type

  • Extend gem::FileSystem with path components helpers

  • Search: add gem::SearchService::searchLandmarkDetails

  • Paths: add MapViewPathCollection::hitTest

  • ADAS: removed ADAS disabled icon

  • Routing: Add Route::dump as json ( unit test )

  • Add FileSystem::createFolder

  • ADAS: added new gem::adas::ESoundType

  • ADAS: add battery save mode in RoadSafetyAlerts

  • Routing: sdd RoutePreferences::get / setIgnoreRestrictionsOverTrack

  • Routing: add get / setEmergencyVehicleMode

  • MapView: add duration to setMapViewPerspective

  • Add RouteBookmarks::get / setAutoDelete

  • VRP: add method to export route in file

  • Paths: add Path( databuffer, format, progressListener ) async constructor from track method

  • Landmarks: add LandmarkStore::getFilePath()

  • ImageProcessing: add undistort methods in IImageProcessingDetectorInput

  • MapView: add waypoints labels preferences in RouteRenderSettings

  • ADAS: expose calibration history

  • MapView: add viewAngle to centerOnRouteInstruction

  • ADAS: set lane departure warning speed threshold

  • Flutter: add flutter::Channel class + protocol details headers

  • VRP: move vehicle type in vehicle constraints + can use multiple vehicle types in one optimization

  • MapView: add MapViewPreferences::get / setFocusViewport()

  • ADAS: add ETurnInformation

  • MapView: add MapView::getHighlight.

  • VRP: move bike power in vehicle constraint

  • MapView: add IMapViewListener:onMapAngleUpdated

  • ADAS: Add GEM_ADASBenchmark.h

  • Add NavigationInstructionm::getNextNextStreetName / getNextNextInstruction. Rename RoutesCollection -> RouteCollection

  • MapView: add FollowPositionPreferences::get / setTouchHandlerModifyPersistent with default to false

  • Added gem::XyzType

  • ImageProc: Added more lane info in IImageProcessingDetectorInput

  • Add Debugimpl::updateMaps - synchronous easy to use map update ( e.g. for unit tests )

  • Add NavigationInstruction::getNextSpeedLimit

  • ADAS: Added more TSR types

  • ADAS: Added onLaneData

  • SenseDataSource: add clear function to identify SDK / non-SDK sense::IDataSource instances

  • Added ESocialReportCategory

  • Add MapDetails::getMapVersion + MapDetails::getMapReleaseInfo


  • Routing: move route preferences in a separate file GEM_RoutePreferences.h

  • ADAS: move GEM_DriverBehaviour to API/Extensions

  • Markers: fix find marker by id

  • Extend link info structure


  • SenseDataSource: removed unimplemented methods

[] - 2022-11-01


  • Add search preference for enabling/disabling house number interpolation

  • VRP: added neededFuel field in Route

  • Add Path::getLength()

  • Add gem::sense::DataSource ImprovedPositionSnapToMapLinkThreshold_Vehicle and ImprovedPositionSnapToMapLinkThreshold_Bike preferences


  • Fixed getCameraHeight in IImageProcessingDetectorInput

  • Mark EGlobalLandmarkCategory as deprecated (and map it to EGenericCategoriesIDs)

  • Improved SDK related to gem::NavigationInstruction::getCurrentStreetName, gem::NavigationInstruction::getNextStreetName


  • Remove unused predefined lmk info names (gem::lxinfo::kAttachedAirport, gem::lxinfo::kAttachedTrainStation)

[] - 2022-09-27


  • Add SearchService::searchInArea method

  • VRP: added minWeight in vehicle constraints

  • VRP: added bikePower field in configuration parameters

  • VRP: added departure and destination


  • IAdjustableBitmap allows to specify a custom DPI for image rendering

  • Move PT overlay opid in a separate header file (GEM_PublicTransportOverlay.h)

  • Remove redundant gem::EExtrasInfo and add relevant entries to namespace lxinfo

[] - 2022-08-04


  • Add RouteRenderSettings fill color (for isochrones range results)

  • Add IFF_AutoDetect to image known types - Sdk will autodetect image format based on header

  • Add polyline & polygon textures to marker render settings

  • Add gem::Path::exportAs export to common formats

  • Add IMapDebugDetails::DisplayCustomMarkers_Arrow item name parameter

  • Add support to get the screen rect of the GPS shape

  • Add “update reference speeds” option to traffic replay API

[] - 2022-06-30


  • Add MapViewPreferences: setUseTraffic, getUseTraffic, get/setEnabledTouchGestures

  • Add ETouchGestures & MapViewPreferences::enableTouchGestures

  • Add String::split (..., collectSeparatos)

  • Add CanvasListener::onReady notification

  • Add left drive side flag to IImprovedPosition road modifiers

  • Add Login API

  • Add Chronometer util


  • Extend gem::Debug::startSimulationPresentation

  • More render settings for markers

  • Allow custom settings / marker in collection

  • Add sketches to MapViewMarkerCollection

  • Debug: startSimulationPresentation gets transport mode too

  • VRP: added creation time for order and get orders from territory

[] - 2022-05-04


  • External Camera API

  • ERecorderStatus::Restarting

  • MapView: Fling map, scroll map

  • DataBuffer::toString / DataBuffer::fomString base64 conversions

  • MapSceneObject::saveState / MapSceneObject::restoreState

  • Support for mocking sensors to SensorDataSource


  • Added method to Debug class to start/stip simulation presentation - calculates a predefined route, starts a simulation & set progress to 50%

  • MarkerCollectionRenderSettings -> MarkerCollectionRenderSettings

  • MapService -> MapView

[] - 2022-02-21


  • ERouteType::RT_Economic,EEBikeType enum and ElectricBikeProfile.

  • getEBikeProfile and getDefaultEBikeProfile in RoutePreferences.

  • EMapDetailsQualityLevel enum.

  • getMapDetailsQualityLevel and setMapDetailsQualityLevel in MapViewPreferences.

  • GeographicArea::convert.

  • IOffboardListener::TStatus::EUpToDate.

  • EMapExtendedCapability::HighPrecisionBuildings.

  • setAllowFuzzyResults and getAllowFuzzyResults in SearchPreferences and GuidedAddressSearchPreferences.

  • isMapSceneObjectVisible and setMapSceneObjectVisibility in MapViewPreferences.

  • MapView::getOptimalRoutesCenterViewport.

  • ELandmarkFileFormat enum.

  • importLandmarks and cancelImportLandmarks in LandmarkStore.

  • FollowPositionPreferences struct.

  • setFollowPositionWithRoutePreferences and getFollowPositionWithRoutePreferences in MapViewPreferences.

  • Image constructor from file path.

  • setAutomaticTimestamp and isAutomaticTimestamp in RoutePreferences.

  • MapView::cursorSelectionPath.

  • EPathFileFormat::PFF_LonLatTxt.

  • onHoveredMapLabelHighlighted in IMapViewListener.

  • EViewOnlineServiceType::External.

  • gem::error::KMissingCapability.

  • OverlayItem::getCategoryId.

  • ESdkCapabilities enum.

  • Sdk::getCapabilities.

  • gem::sense::IImprovedPosition.

  • IDataSourceListener::onNewData with DataSourceWeakPtr parameter.

  • IPositionListener::onNewPosition with DataSourceWeakPtr parameter.

  • checkBetterRoute,checkTrafficAlongRoutes,timeToBetterRouteSec,timeToCheckTrafficAlongRoutesSec in Debug.

  • getOptimalHighlightCenterViewport and getHighlightArea in MapView.

  • SC_Content,SC_Dashcam,SC_Weather,SC_Vrp,SC_Sense,SC_Timezone,SC_Sound and SC_Projection in ESdkCapabilities.

  • SceneObjectData struct.

  • hasPreviewExtendedData,getPreviewExtendedData,cancelGetPreviewExtendedData in OverlayItem.

  • Some public transport overlay parameters in opid namespace.

  • EFollowPositionMapRotationMode enum. setMapRotationMode,getMapRotationMode and isTrackObjectFollowingMapRotation in FollowPositionPreferences.

  • ERouteType,EWheelchairAccessible and EBikesAllowed in public_transport_preview namespace.

  • replaceInSet and fallbackToLegacyUnicode in String.

  • ETestRerouteStartDirection enum.

  • testRerouting,manyToManyPedestrianCalculation,oneToOnePedestrianCalculation,reshapeTracks in Debug.

  • SearchableParameterList::findParameter.

  • getPreviewData and cancelGetPreviewData in TrafficEvent.

  • getFontModifiers and getTextureScaleFactor in IOpenGLContext.


  • TruckProfile member weight into mass. Changed its constructor.

  • RoutePreferences::setBikeProfile can now receive the ElectricBikeProfile.

  • ERestrictionType enum values prefix changed from RT to RST.

  • return type of MapViewPreferences::setDrawFPS.

  • LandmarkStore::setFastUpdateMode split into startFastUpdateMode and stopFastUpdateMode.

  • MapView::highlightHoveredMapLabel now receives an additional bool parameter.

  • m_iconSz renamed to m_imgSz in HighlightRenderSettings.

  • setIconSize renamed to setImageSize in HighlightRenderSettings.

  • EExtendedDataType renamed to EPreviewDataType.

  • MapSceneObject produce method now receives SceneObjectDataList and not DataBufferList and IntList. Same for producePositionTracker and customizeDefPositionTracker.

  • LandmarkStoreService::createLandmarkStore returns pair<lmk pointer, err code>.

  • setZoomLevel,setSlippyZoomLevel,getZoomLevel,getSlippyZoomLevel have 1 less parameter in MapView.

  • FollowPositionPreferences struct turned into FollowPositionPreferences class and now contains some methods from MapViewPreferences.

  • setMapViewPerspective,getMapViewPerspective,getViewAngle,setViewAngle,setTiltAngle,getTiltAngle have 1 parameter less in MapViewPreferences.

  • MapViewPreferences::followPositionPreferences.

  • ILogUploaderListener::onLogStatusChanged added start time as parameter.


  • MapView::cursorSelectionRouteInstruction.

  • MapView::getCameraFollowMode.

  • ECameraFollowMode.

  • enableGpsAccuracyCircle and isGpsAccuracyCircleEnabled from MapViewExtensions.

  • setToggle2DWithAltitude and isToggle2DWithAltitude from MapViewPreferences.

  • IOpenGLContext::getFontScaleFactor.

[] - 2021-10-30


  • dumpOSException method in Sdk class.

  • onLandmarkStoreRegistered in ILandmarkStoreListener.

  • rejectStyle method in Debug.

  • getPosition and getOrientation methods in MapCamera.

  • setDrawFPS and getDrawFPS methods in MapViewPreferences.

  • some helping methods in Rgba struct. Ex. argbValue, bgraValue.

  • setExtraImage and getExtraImage methods in Landmark.

  • enableOverlayOfflineDataGrabber, disableOverlayOfflineDataGrabber, isOverlayOfflineDataGrabberEnabled, isOverlayOfflineDataGrabberSupported methods in OverlayService.


  • Moved EOSExceptionType to gem namespace.

  • IMapViewListener::onEnterTouchHandleModifyFollowingPosition fixed typo to onEnterTouchHandlerModifyFollowingPosition.

  • IApiCallLogger::onUseSytemLogging typo.

  • EGenericCategoriesIDs values typos.

  • Clarifications to how registerLandmarkStore from LandmarkStoreService works.

  • IOffboardListener methods renames:

    • onOnlineWorldMapSupportDisabled to onWorldwideRoadMapSupportDisabled.

    • onOnlineWorldMapSupportEnabled to onWorldwideRoadMapSupportEnabled.

    • onOnlineWorldMapSupportStatus to onWorldwideRoadMapSupportStatus.

    • onWorldMapVersionUpdated to onWorldwideRoadMapVersionUpdated.

    • onOnlineWorldMapUnsupportedCapabilities to onWorldwideRoadMapUnsupportedCapabilities.

  • searchArroundPosition typo from SearchService.


  • isDownloading from ContentStoreItem.

  • getFPS from Screen.

[] - 2021-09-20


  • EMainSceneObjects and Coordinates::getSceneObject. Scene object id to which coordinates belongs ( default EMainSceneObjects::SO_Earth ).

  • MapSceneObject class defining a map scene object + producers for default objects and position trackers objects (aka NavigationArow ).

  • ESceneObjectFileFormat format enums for scene object input data ( for now Wavefront obj + mat + tex supported ).

  • CameraTrackMethod callback type for adjusting camera over scene object tracking parameters ( H angles, V angles and distance ).

  • MapView::isFollowingPositionTouchHandlerModified returns follow position modified by touch handler state.

  • MapViewPreferences::setFollowPositionAdjustLimits, getFollowPositionAllowExit, getFollowPositionAdjustHorizontalAngleLimits, getFollowPositionAdjustVerticalAngleLimits and getFollowPositionAdjustDistanceLimits setters / getters for touch handler tracking adjust parameters.

  • IMapViewListener::onEnterTouchHandlerModifyFollowingPosition and IMapViewListener::onExitTouchHandlerModifyFollowingPosition notifications when follow position parameters are touch handler adjusted / restored.

  • MapScene::getDefScene gets default SDK scene.

  • MapCamera::saveCameraState + MapCamera::restoreCameraState for saving restoring camera from a binary protobuf.

  • RouteBookmarks::getBaseUniqueName helper gets unique route name string based on route waypoints.

  • RouteBookmarks::find gets a route index in current order by name.

  • RouteBookmarks::iterateRoutes function for optimized collection routes iteration via std::function callback.

  • MapView::restoreFollowingPosition restores following position parameters adjusted via touch handler interraction.

  • DataBufferList list of DataBuffer objects.

  • RectType<T>::pointInRectangle to test for point in rectangle.

  • Image::render accepts only IBitmap::ecode = Rgba8888 or Bgra8888.

  • RouteBase::getPolygonGeographicArea return PolygonGeographicArea. For route result type Path returns path as polygon, for route result type Range returns isochrone range polygon.

  • LandmarkStore::removeAllLandmarks remove all landmark store landmarks in an efficient way + truncating the database file size.

  • LandmarkStore::setLandmarkCategory sets the category for the given landmark.

  • LandmarkBrowseSession::getSettings gets a landmark browse session creation settings.


  • MapView::startFollowingPosition gets a new StrongPointer navArrow = StrongPointer() parameter as tracking object to follow.

  • MapView::startFollowingPosition gets a new CameraTrackMethod trackMethod = CameraTrackMethod() parameter for scene object parameters adjust.

  • LandmarkStore::removeCategory gets a new bool removeLmkContent = false paramater - if true, all lmks in category are removed, if false all lmk in category are marked uncateorised.

  • Renamed GEM_Icons.h to GEM_Images.h and GEM_IconIDs.h to GEM_ImageIDs.h ( + keep old files references ).


  • MapView::setTrackedPositionSource and MapView::getTrackedPositionSource.

  • EPositionDisplay, MapView::setCurrentPositionDisplayMode and MapView::getCurrentPositionDisplayMode.

  • Image( filepath ) constructor - redunant & ambigous, should use Image(const DataBuffer &data, int format).

  • LandmarkStore::removeLandmarkFromCategory + LandmarkStore::removeLandmarkFromAllCategories redundant fucntions.

  • bool blend removed from all Image::render.

[Unreleased] - 2021-08-30


  • EValueType::V_List. Parameter ctor with ParameterList. SearchableParameterList.

  • OverlayItem::getPreviewData that returns SearchableParameterList.

  • SocialReportsOverlayCategory::getParameters that returns SearchableParameterList.

  • SocialOverlay::getReportSnapshot.

  • String::hashCode.

  • Time::getTimeZoneMilliseconds.

  • MarkerCollectionDisplaySettings::setPolylineOuterSize.

  • Parameter::getKey.

  • Safety camera overlay parameters like kGemSafetyParam_*.

  • CanvasBufferRenderer::getFrameFit, CanvasBufferRenderer::getScaleFactor and CanvasBufferRenderer::getTranslateFactor.

  • Projection related entities.

  • DataBuffer ctor with size.

  • EImagePixelFormat::Bgra8888.

  • SocialOverlay::prepareReporting, SocialOverlay::report, SocialOverlay::confirmReport, SocialOverlay::denyReport, SocialOverlay::updateReport, SocialOverlay::deleteReport, SocialOverlay::addComment.

  • SizeType::isEmpty.

  • TimezoneResult::getLocalTime.

  • ELandmarkStoreType::MapCity and ELandmarkStoreType::MapCountry.

  • MapView::highlightHoveredMapLabel.

  • HighlightRenderSettings icon size, text size, text color and setters.

  • MapView::centerOnLocation.

  • RouteBase::getDominantRoads.

  • RectType::center.

  • pointsTextSize and pointMarkerLabelExtractor members and setters for them in MarkerCollectionDisplaySettings.

  • Screen::needsRender.

  • MapViewExtensions::getHighlightGroupItemIndex.

  • MapView::deactivateAllHighlights.

  • PathCollection::clear.

  • Marker::setCoordinates.


  • Parameter ctors now have two parameters.

  • BasicShapeDrawer::denderShapes can now receive translation factor and scale factor.

  • TimezoneService::getTimezoneInfo has an additional default parameter and now receives Time instead of int.

  • ContentStoreItem::getContentParameters returns SearchableParameterListRef.

  • setFollowPositionCameraFocus and getFollowPositionCameraFocus moved from ViewCustomization to MapViewPreferences.

  • ViewCustomization to MapViewExtensions.

  • MapView::customization to MapView::extensions.

  • MapView::activateHighlight and MapView::deactivateHighlight can receive an id.


  • SocialReportsOverlayCategory::getValidity and SocialReportsOverlayCategory::getImpactRadius.

  • One of Image unused render function.


  • OverlayItem::getPreviewUrl causing crash.

[] - 2021-07-27


  • ISOCodeConversions conversions from ISO2 <-> ISO3 for country & language

  • MarkerCollectionDisplaySettings::polylineInnerSize and MarkerCollectionDisplaySettings::polylineOuterSize custom sizes in mm

  • MarkerCollectionDisplaySettings::setPolylineInnerColor(), MarkerCollectionDisplaySettings::setPolylineOuterColor(), MarkerCollectionDisplaySettings::setPolylineInnerSize(), MarkerCollectionDisplaySettings::setPolylineOuterColor()

  • OverlayCategory::getSubcategories(), OverlayCategory::hasSubcategories()

  • OverlayInfo::getCategory(), OverlayCategory::hasCategories()

  • SocialReportsOverlayCategory', 'SocialReportsOverlayInfo, SocialOverlay::getReportsOverlayInfo


  • Improve OperationScheduler documentation

  • Improve sense::SensorDelay documentation

  • Improve EDataSavePolicy documentation

  • Replace ISOCode usage with String

  • OverlayMutableCollection::add, remove gets overlayId instead of OverlayInfo


  • Remove Marker::clone()

  • Remove ISOCode object

[] - 2021-07-08


  • TimeDistance operator+(const TimeDistance& source) and operator+=(const TimeDistance& source) for adding 2 TimeDistance objects

  • ContentUpdater::isStarted() check if a content update is started, i.e. state != idle, completed or error

  • EBuildingsVisibility::BV_2D and EBuildingsVisibility::BV_3D to allow settings of 2D / 3D buildings view style

  • Screen::getFPS returns FPS for last rendered sscreen frame

  • SearchPreferences::setAllowFuzzyResults, getAllowFuzzyResults to enable / disable fuzzy search results ( faster offline search )

  • LandmarkStore::getLandmarks( const GeographicArea & ) gets landmarks in a given geographic area

  • PathCollection::getBorderSizeAt(int index) get the custom border size for the path at the given index

  • PathCollection::getInnerSizeAt(int index) get the custom inner size for the path at the given index


  • ContentStoreItem::cancelDownload calls deleteContent when item is not completed

  • Improve TerrainProfile documentation

  • PathCollection::add( ..., double szBorder = -1., double szInner = -1. ) allows to customize a path inner and border size in mm

  • HighlightRenderSettings( ... double innerSz = 1.5, double outerSz = 0. ) allows to customize the highlighted landmark contour innert & border size

  • Landmark::getContourGeograficArea returns a better contour area ( when contour exists )

[] - 2021-06-24


  • EOutputBufferType enum and getOutputBufferType method in IOpenGLContext

  • More documentation for sense::IPosition.

  • ECameraFollowMode enum.

  • MapView::getCameraFollowMode


  • MapViewPreferences::setMapViewPerspective now has an extra parameter (in ECameraFollowMode range).

  • MapViewPreferences::getMapViewPerspective now has a parameter (in ECameraFollowMode range).

  • MapViewPreferences::setViewAngle now has an extra parameter (in ECameraFollowMode range).

  • MapViewPreferences::getViewAngle now has a parameter (in ECameraFollowMode range).

  • MapViewPreferences::setTiltAngle now has an extra parameter (in ECameraFollowMode range).

  • MapViewPreferences::getTiltAngle now has a parameter (in ECameraFollowMode range).

  • MapView::setZoomLevel now has an extra parameter (in ECameraFollowMode range).

  • MapView::getZoomLevel now has a parameter (in ECameraFollowMode range).

  • MapView::setSlippyZoomLevel now has an extra parameter (in ECameraFollowMode range).

  • MapView::getSlippyZoomLevel now has a parameter (in ECameraFollowMode range).

  • MapView::stopFollowingPosition now has a default parameter.


  • MapViewPreferences::enableMapRenderingFeature.

  • MapViewPreferences::isMapRenderingFeatureEnabled.

  • MapViewPreferences::setMapRenderingFeatureRect.

  • MapViewPreferences::getMapRenderingFeatureRect.

[] - 2021-06-15


  • New methods in gem::IMapViewListener:

    void onCursorSelectionUpdated( const gem::LandmarkList &list)

    void onCursorSelectionUpdated( const gem::OverlayItemList &list)

    void onCursorSelectionUpdated( const gem::TrafficEventList &list)

    void onCursorSelectionUpdated( const gem::RouteList &list)

    void onCursorSelectionUpdated( const gem::MarkerMatchList &list)

    void onEnterFollowingPosition()

    void onExitFollowingPosition()

  • New gem::Image constructor with gem::DataBuffer and image file format type.

  • New values to gem::EPathFileFormat:




  • gem:DataBuffer::empty() method.

  • gem::PTRouteSegment::isStationWalk().

  • Three new methods in MapDetails:

    gem::String getCountryName(unsigned int index)

    gem::String getCountryCode(unsigned int index)

    gem::Image getCountryImage(unsigned int index)

  • New methods in gem::ContentStoreItem:

    gem::ProgressListener gem::ContentStoreItem::getProgressListener()

    gem::ContentStoreItem::setProgressListener( gem::ProgressListener )


  • gem::ETurnType renamed to gem::ETurnEvent.

  • gem::TurnDetails::getEvent() now returns gem::ETurnEvent.

  • gem::EImageFileFormat moved to GEM_Icons.h.

  • gem::EPathImportFormat renamed to gem::EPathFileFormat.

  • gem::RouteBase::exportGPX renamed to gem::RouteBase::exportAs( int format ) with format values from EPathFileFormat.

  • gem::RouteInstructionBase::getInstructionType() renamed to gem::RouteInstructionBase::isCommon() and now returns bool.

  • gem::RouteSegmentBase::getSegmentType() renamed to gem::RouteSegmentBase::isCommon() and now returns bool.

  • gem::RouteSegmentBase::isSignificant() moved to gem::PTRouteSegment::isSignificant().


  • gem::ETurnWaypointType (its content is now in gem::ETurnEvent).

  • gem::ETurnInfoType along with gem::TurnDetails::getInfoType().

  • gem::ERouteSegmentType and gem::EInstructionType.


[]: Initial release